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Privacy Policy

Last updated July 4, 2019

We will never sell any of your personal data to advertisers or anyone else. We respect your right to share as much or as little information as you desire.

By default, blogs are “unlisted”, meaning that people can't find them unless you share the link with someone. Keep in mind this does not mean private. Someone dedicated could still find these pages. Ensure you change your blog to be “private” if that's what you desire. Blogs marked “public” will show on the Reader page, and anyone will be able to browse them from the main website.


WriteFreely, the software that powers this site, is built to enforce your right to privacy by default.

It retains as little data about you as possible, not even requiring an email address to sign up. However, if you do give us your email address, it is stored encrypted in our database. We salt and hash your account's password.

We store log files, or data about what happens on our servers. We also use cookies to keep you logged in to your account.

Beyond this, it's important that you trust whoever runs Personal Journal. Software can only do so much to protect you — your level of privacy protections will ultimately fall on the humans that run this particular service.