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top and htop process viewing and management

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When using a GNU Linux system it is really useful to be able to manage what running process are doing, this could be simply seeing what system resources are being used, or stopping processes from running, to changing how they run with tools such as nice / renice.

The console / terminal top, gives you a view of all the running processes and allows you to control these processes easily.




If you would like a slightly different tool that allows you to move up / down the process list, you may want to loop at htop. This seems to offer the same functionality as top. Top is probably better for running so you can keep an eye on what things are doing.



These tools offer the sort of functionality that is achieved by commands such as :

  • ps
  • nice
  • renice
  • kill
  • killall

But you need to look these up and read up about them on on the man page(s).




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Hg and Au Recovery from Tailings

Recovering Hg and Au, with a Shaker Table from Tailings, Sudan, Africa

One of the really nice things about IRC, is the number of interesting channels and discussions, with numerous knowledgeable people. There was a link and discussion in ##chemistry on Freenode the other day, which showed the extraction of Mercury (Hg) and Gold (Au) from mining waste material, Tailings.

Interesting process and idea, especially, if this can be demonstrated to be commercially viable.

Granted anyone watching this video, who has a knowledge of Health and Safety issues around Hg, may want to look away.

Interesting reaction between Mercury (Hg) andNitric Acid ($HNO_3$).

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