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FOSS And Crafts Podcast

If you enjoy the LibreLounge podcast [2], Christopher Lemmer Webber [6] appears to have left this, and started up a new podcast called FOSS AND Crafts [3]. This is a “A podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together”

This is something that is worth checking out, as with LibreLounge you can subscribe to the podcast and also download on .ogg [5] and .mp3 file formats.

I wrote a post in December on how to subscribe to LibreLounge using vlc [7] so the procedure is the same.


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Subscribe to Librelounge podcast with vlc

In today's video, I do a quick run through on how to subscribe to the Librelouge podcast using the vlc media player.

I am already subscribed to this, so before I paste the link in I remove the existing entry. But this also illustrates that it is just as easy to remove subscriptions.

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PodCast Search

I found this on the Fediverse last year, so am sharing again as it was originally shared on the Devon & Cornwall Linux user group website. 

As the name suggests this allows you to search for a pod cast in a good range of topics.

Libre Lounge is another podcast that has covered different aspects of the Fediverse, this includes some of the more technical aspects including a multipart discussion on Activity Pub.   Activity pub is one of the protocols that allows posts to be federated across the network.

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Adding CC Images To Photos

This is a re-post from December 2019

If you create lots of media such as photos or graphics. You may want to add information pertaining to the copyright (or ideally copyleft) of the image.

As I am interested in Creative Commons (CC) then it makes sense to be able to add one of the many creative commons license logos to an image.

I asked on Friendica about how to do this (having tried and failed before) and was provided with some help and a really useful shell script to automate the process.

Firstly we need an image to modify and a logo image to add to this:

cc-by logo

Example logo file to insert

cc-by logo

For the sake of this article, I am just using a random photo I took of Paignton Geopark. I have also reduced the image size to 640×480 to make it smaller for the website as per command below.

gm mogrify -resize 640×480 *.JPG

I also had to convert the jpg files to png files with the following

gm convert DSCF0182mod.jpg DSCF0182mod.png

So that this blog would display the images.

The next step is to create a folder structure to contain what we need to undertake the work.

What we need is a new folder

Inside this, we need another folder called out

mkdir out

we need some more files mostly the cc logos, these are available from a simple duckduckgo search.

Note if putting on a website or other media you need to properly include the creative commons license being used on here I have put

''' Licenced under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) '''

Which should then link to the human readable license terms you want to use.

So what we should have is







Put the SOURCE FILE in \insertcc-logo

MODIFY AND RUN the script below

Our script looks like ( save this as or what you want to call this )

for p in *.JPG; do convert “$p” ./out/88×31.png -gravity southeast -geometry +10+10 -composite “out/$p”; done

What the script does is take each file with the JPG extension (or other extension), add the required logo, and save the modified file in


As per :

cc-by logo

You need to make sure that the script points to the correct source files.

You also need to point the script to the correct file you want to insert in to your source image.

for p in *.JPG;

To use a different logo change this section of the script

$p” ./out/88×31.png

This article originally appeared on

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You can find me on Friendica at

cc-by logo

Licenced under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

International Day Against DRM (IDAD)

The fourteenth International Day Against DRM (IDAD) #DayAgainstDRM took place on 4th December 2020. The Defective by Design (DbD) campaign needs your help to spread the word. This year's annual day in protest of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) will be on December 4th, 2020, and will focus on streaming services' unjust use of DRM.

Follow the DFD Free Software foundation account on Mastodon.

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