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Debian point release upgrade

Following the recent upgrade to the Debian Operating system, 11.4 to 11.5 I decided to make a video / screen cast of the upgrade process..

This was partly as I wanted to make something to contribute to the Debian Academy and it made sense to make this.

The video is quite long about ½. I am hoping the team can take the source file and edit so it is shorter.




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How to Teach Online Courses (17 September 2022) · Events (Indico)

A few years ago I was involved with Debian Academy. For various reasons the project came to a halt.

Fast forward to 2022 and the project has now been restarted, the first course being presented is on how to create a course using Moodle. The will be presented from the 17th September.

The course is free to sign up to, you will need an account on the Moodle system. Further details are below.

Over time more courses will be created, which is one of the reasons the above course was created, so others can also create their own courseware.


Date : Saturday 17 Sept 2022, Time :14:00 → 15:00 UTC *

More information

If you would like to chat with some of the team members, then we hang out on IRC, using the oftc network, channel #debian-academy


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