LaTeX Flashcards

I am working on a series of $\LaTeX$ flashcards to help people learn the basics.

I am not creating a fully comprehensive set of these. LaTeX has far too many features for this.

What I want to do, is create a set, that just covers the basics:

Hopefully enough for people to get started or for myself to support the teaching of the system.

I feel confident enough to actually try and tech LaTeX, so another reason for these cards would be to help me with this, should I get the opportunity to do so. It is a good idea to prepare for this sort of eventuality.

As LaTeX is aimed at academia, once you have the basics, you can keep going and learn more depending on your usage case. There is a lot of help available too.

Despite it being aimed at academic applications, it can produce very professional looking letters, CVs / Resumes and a whole range of other documents too.

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