CyberSecurity part 10-1

So far, this series as presented links to a good series on the BASH shell, so you should now be able to navigate and carry out basic and may be more advanced tasks. The series of posts, will now move on to other topics. I am aware that much of this may be new to people.

As I mostly hangout on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), which is a text based real time chat system, I am happy to provide basic support via IRC, probably early evenings (UTC). So between 19:00 and 21:00. I am on irc as zleap.

I have included a direct link below to the web based chat area [2], so using channel #phillw. I know the owner due to being involved with testing big blue button.

You are encouraged to read up a little on IRC [3], For transparency, we are using the Libera Chat network [4]. The web client is hosted with KiwiChat [5].


1 Tuxiversity Forum

Further help with this series of posts

2 IRC Chat 3 What is irc 4 Libera Chat 5 Kiwi Chat