Write an Impactful Research Paper

I have been reading Write an Impactful Research Paper by Martins Zaumanis. This is a fascinating book, while I am not a graduate or even doing post grad work, this book is really informative.

The author is sharing lots of really useful hints and tips from personal experience of publishing, There is a link to both the publisher and the book below.

I would recommend this book as part of your collection as there are also links to cheat sheets which when taken within the context of the book could be really useful. I say this as cheat sheets are a summary of what is in the book, so reading associated chapters does make sense.

As you are trying to get your research reviewed and published, then it is not worth cutting corners. You can print off the cheat sheets and display for reference.

If anyone is interested, then I can bring my copy to the STEM group, but if you want one, you need to buy your own.;



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