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I spent some time on last night, setting up a mini web server on m Raspberry pi.

So running a http server on a Raspberry Pi.

For this project I am just using the python3-test-server package,

  1. Install python3-test-server
  2. Create a directory to hold some html files
  3. Change to this directory
  4. Create a very basic html file e.g index.html
  5. run python3 -m http.server:7800 where 7800 is the port you want to use

web server on pi

In the browser go to ip:7800

Website on pi

What I have done here, however is

I have, gone a little further than this:

In order to share my free software video dvd (and other resources) with people I:-

I then shared the appropriate IP address with a friend via irc so he could download the ISO file, and it worked really well.



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