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Mastodon Cheat Sheet

Mastodon can be controlled using the keyboard

Key(s) Function
r to reply
m to mention author
p to open author's profile
f to favourite
b to boost
enter, o to open toot
e to open media
x to show/hide text behind CW
h to show/hide media
up, k to move up in the list
down, j to move down in the list
1-9 to focus a toot in one of the columns
n to focus the compose textarea
alt+n to start a brand new toot
alt+x to show/hide CW field
backspace to navigate back
s to focus search
esc to un-focus compose textarea/search
g+h to open home timeline
g+n to open notifications column
g+l to open local timeline
g+t to open federated timeline
g+d to open direct messages column
g+s to open “get started” column
g+f to open favourites list
g+p to open pinned toots list
g+u to open your profile
g+b to open blocked users list
g+m to open muted users list
g+r to open follow requests list
? to display this legend




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FreeBSD 3

Following on from my previous post which discussed changing the X11 keyboard layout. I had to also change the console layout.

This can be undertaken through editing the appropriate configuration files or with a tool called bsdconfig which needs to be run as root.

The online man page can be found here

This is a menu driven / text based interface. I can't, as yet provide a screen shot, but the man page is comprehensive enough so a screenshot isn't really needed.

To change the keyboard map you will need to find the appropriate section and make the changes.

#bsd, #config, #menu, #settings, #configuration, #tool, #freebsd, #keyboard, #layout, #gb.

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FreeBSD 2

Following on from my previous post. I have been working on fixing the keyboard mapping issue.

Again, after asking for some help on this from IRC, I was given an example configuration file to work from.


From this I have created a new X11 keyboard configuration file for the UK / GB keyboard layout. This now works, so at least pressing shift 2 gives “ and not @ which would happen on a US keyboard and was happening previously.

Now this is working, it is a little easier to play nethack as @ turns auto pickups off, which is very helpful when you don't want to pick up everything you come across.

#freebsd, #x11, #keyboard, #layout, #configuration, #irc, #nethack

You can find me on Friendica at

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Licenced under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)