Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day also known as SID. This year marks 20 years since the campaign started.

There are lots of resources on the website, and schools should be running sessions so as your teachers for details.

There are lots of things we can do which still make using the internet enjoyable and educational, but a safer experience. Not sharing personal information, being mindful as to who we are communicating with, to perhaps changing our social media to platforms that are more privacy friendly, seeking accurate information, see Sense about science for details and have a look at their 'ask for evidence' information. This is also a good way to avoid misinformation by fact checking what we read or see online by developing the skills to do so.

This article may also be useful too When critical thinking isn’t enough: to beat information overload, we need to learn ‘critical ignoring’

Simple changes could also include switching from google to duckduckgo for search, installing privacy essentials will also block sites such as facebook from tracking you. I don't notice this as much as I have simply blocked facebook and meta.

I also block cookies as much as possible, these are not needed esp any integration with serve no real purpose other than to spy on you.


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