Resistor boards

This is a repost and update for a previous post. I am posting this here too.

As the next Paignton Library Stem Group meeting is

Date : Saturday 9th April 2022 Times : 11am –> 15:00

In preparation for the next event, I have been working on creating some electronics resources to demonstrate at the event.

These are quite simple to make, solder on headers and which ever component is needed for that particular board

Electronics 1

Various resistors 270ohm 330ohm 1k ohm 10k ohm

As of 23/3/2022 I have made up the following:-

Which I hope to use for demonstrating voltage dividers.

A few pictures of some previous boards, that I have built up.

Electronics 1

Power supply, we need to get power from a battery to the circuit.

Electronics 1

Reed switch (not soldered), 1uF capacitors (soldered) and a switch block, not soldered as I want to figure out which switch block to use (I have a few)

Electronics 1

I have added a 3 way header as this allows for:

It should be possible to build a circuit that, internally will flash, for example an LED then use a scope to examine the frequencies at different points in the circuit.

I plan to solder up other component boards. Hopefully I will have something to demonstrate, but other visitors should be able to have a go.



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