Organic Chemistry 3 Plastics

Following on from organic-chemistry-2 we have had a look at Alcohols. So will now turn some attention to plastics.

So again we can construct models of plastics in a similar way, the main difference here is that plastics are POLYMERS, which are MONOMERS chained together.

Mono – Single Poly – Multiple

Common plastics

So looking at the above you will notice that they are using n to indicate there is more than 1 in the chain.

So starting with ${C2H2}$ or Ethene, this becomes Polyethene when more monomers are added to the chain.

So in the video below, I construct Ethene and then, in the spirit of Blue Peter, I am then using a few more I made earlier.

You may find Molview helpful for visualising molecules on your computer screen too. This could complement physical building which I find can help understanding further.

I will post a few more videos showing the other molecules in that section of the infographic.

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