Novel food solutions for a more sustainable future – CNA

Interesting article from Channel News Asia (CNA) on sustainable food production. As climate change and disasters jeopardise food security, could the switch to alternative proteins be the solution to the region’s need for a sustainable food ecosystem? Money Mind reports.

Looks like some good innovation here. This was posted by GreenPeace [1] to Mastodon. The article [2] is worth reading so I am not going to try and paraphrase and sum up here as the message could end up getting lost that way. If you are not sure what Jackfruit are, I have also included a link to a BBC Food page on this [3].

I wasn't however aware that rice production was being affected by climate change. This really isn't good given how widespread rice is, for so many in Asia.


1 Greenpeace Mastodon 2 Article on sustainable food 3 JackFruit BBC news 4. Channel News Asia



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