New Python worksheets

I am now working on some new Python resources. I uploaded two of the resources mentioned in the previous post, and took some of the code from the TkInter resource (which is still available) and created a resource to look at testing if text from a user is what is being asked for.

As of 22/05/2023, I have :-

These are designed to be used along side each other. As we are also using Trinket at Code Club.

My intention is to create more and use them as a Teaching Assistant or Tutor in a school or elsewhere. I am employed by an agency so if you want someone who can help teach computing in a primary school or have a group of children who want to move up then please get in touch. I can send my CV which will have my employer details on.

I can also help with Scratch, Micro:bit, electronics, Science etc

I will NOT be making these resources generally available.

These are already available



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