$\LaTeX$ Letters

$\LaTeX$ Letters

In Overleaf, I have used a template letter file with an empty letter body area (or at least minimal). Copying this to a new file, keeps the original body empty for new files.

I have also created letters and letters-sent folders. This helps keep track of which letters are work in progress and which letters have been sent.

Once saved as pdf you can also attach to a e-mail if you wish to send a letter that way.

Use % at the start of a line (for example for the enclosures) to make the line a comment, if you are enclosing anything this can be put back in by removing the % from the start.

Using % makes that line a comment

$\LaTeX$ templates is a really useful website has templates that can help get you started.

I actually feel fairly confident that I could teach or run small workshops to introduce $\LaTeX$ to students but would expect to be paid.

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