Ethics and space exploration

As humans start to venture back in to space with the view of returning to the Moon in 2024, then eventually moving on to Mars and beyond.

This paper [1] written Frank Tavars (from NASAs Ames Research Centre,) et al, raises some very interesting ideas on how we should about space exploration, but don't repeat our colonial mistakes we made on Earth.

Link [2] is the same link but using the paper code and the citation guide is below that.

Hopefully discussion and lead to some really useful feed back for NASA so as a human race we can move forward and explore space responsibly.

1 Ethical Exploration and the Role of Planetary Protection in Disrupting Colonial Practices


arXiv:2010.08344 [astro-ph.IM]
(or arXiv:2010.08344v2 [astro-ph.IM] for this version) 

I have also set up a Qoto Discourse Thread to discuss further.

Thanks to Derek Caelin for posting a link to this to both Mastodon and Twitter.

Also included a link to the Mumbai university astrobiology course as there is discussion on * Space Policy and Planetary Protection* which may be interesting.




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