Code Club 4/11/2023 WriteUp

We had a busy code club today. Lots of fixing netbooks, installing operating systems, troubleshooting and of course some coding.

We also had attendees working on their own projects, including a Pokemon related projects.

I also assisted another attendee with an electronics project.

So we now have several netbooks, that are fully working and managed to transfer keyboards over so they also had full keyboards. Replaced a missing key on some other keyboards, which is quite a delicate takes that requires a good degree of patience.

What we need now is to find STEM ambassador help us make a multi boot usb stick so all the installers can be on a single usb stick which will free up the others. I know this can be done, just not sure how to do it, or how to fix things if it doesn't work.

Next Code Club

The next code club is on 18/11/2023 Next week 11th November is the STEM group meeting.


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