Code Club 18/11/2023 Write up

Another busy session today, stared off taking a netbook apart to remove the fan, so that we could use it to replace a faulty fan in another netbook. This all went fine, we now have more spare parts in the box.

We also installed windows on 2 netbooks, had a go at installing FreeBSD but got stuck, this is one thing I am not too sure on, we ended up on an installer screen asking about RAID devices.

I also got to do some electronics, and have identified some more resources I need for the next session.

We also had a new attendee who may be able to bring some friends on the 25th. So all good stuff.

We are trying to find out if we can still download an older ISO file for Xebian 2022. The website just has xebian 2023.

I have added more links below to try and reflect our current set of activities.

Useful Links

Next Code Club

The next code club is on 25/11/2023


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