Code Club 15/10/2022 Write Up

We had a very quiet session today for some reason. Based on the list of attendees booked I set up 3 computers with blender, then also the teaching PC and projector to play a video introducing Blender.

I did have 3 people attend, they were regulars to Code Club but not booked, nevertheless we had a good session with some scratch and discussions around social media.

Right at the end I had two people arrive who are are now booked on to the next session on the 5th November. I will factor this in and sort out some resources so they can start with module 1 of Scratch and work through the various modules and activities.

As sessions are two hours, this gives ample time to not only complete the activity but also move on to adapting the finished project further.

However I think they have another project in mind so I will look at finding some useful resources for that too.

I also used the time to print off the remaining Data Detox workshop slides so I have all of these printed along with their respective support materials ready for a future session.



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Next session

Please contact Paignton Library for details.

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