Code Club 1/7/2023 writeup

So today we did more of the usual coding. I spent some of the time trying to fix the issue I had with the Pi pico routine I have been working on. Please see earlier post.

This now appears to be fixed (or at least working a lot better than it was) and there should be video and photos up on the library website and social media pages.

I will get a video made for this and uploaded to peertube and post the new code block in a new post.

Next week is the STEM Group on 8th July 11 to 15:00 at the library.

I have put some of the links from this below as a list.

Useful Links

If you also sign up to the Raspberry Pi foundation, you can track your own progress and collect badges. This is optional, as this presents more ways for data to be collected.

As before if you would like to save work, please sign up for a scratch or Trinket account so you can save project progress and carry on at home or at the next session.



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