Cheaper to prevent pandemics than 'cure' them -

note: This article contains my personal thoughts on the topics presented, I would, of course, welcome open discussion on this.

This is another interesting BBC news article, raises some interesting points on how humans interact with wildlife.

I would guess it also highlights we need to also provide clean, running water to everyone on the planet, in a way that is, of course sustainable.

In another news article, again from the BBC, Denmark are in the process of culling mink, this was after it was found there is a mutated covid strain that could be passed on to humans.

Perhaps the solution to all this is very simple, and will push for clean water for washing, cooking etc. But also access to alcohol handwash in all places that handle animals,including fish. Ultimatlythere are calls to eat less meats anyway, especially beef,due to the climate impact alone.

We need to do something, so this could make a really interesting field of research, incorporating many disciplines it may mean ending some industries, so that will need retraining.

I would guess, if we are going to produce more alcohol based hand gels we need to ensure that there are no implications of or risks of this getting in to water streams.


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