Anxiety: Supporting Teens to Support Themselves

As well as looking for work, I am also trying to take any opportunity to learn new skills. The Creative Education courses are really good for this.

So to day I completed “Anxiety: Supporting Teens to Support Themselves” which, as with the course I did last week, has lots of really good useful hints and tips on how to help teenagers cope with anxiety, how we as adults can help, but also reflect on our own experience which can feed in to how we can help.

The important take away from this is, that adults, we can listen, re-assure and use many techniques and strategies to help. By understanding how a person is feeling, we can adjust our strategy.

Course also covered how sleep can play a part in this, how lack of sleep can cause issue, how we can make stress and anxiety manageable by looking at what works for the young person we are trying to help.

Also looked at how we can empower young people to take control and self manage, or if there is a situation that is out of their full control.

So another really useful course, if there is another 'free for a week course' next week, I will sign up to that too.

These courses may also be useful in other work too, perhaps at code club or even when helping or working with adults.

I am also interested in Space, astronomy and space sciences, so I think going forward Mental Health of Astronauts may be a very interesting field, being on the Moon is a short trip, getting to Mars, will be a longer, more dangerous journey, we need to look after the people that go on long space missions. Perhaps also look after their families back on Earth, especially children and young people who have family members on these missions.

Hopefully employers will appreciate my efforts to improve my skills and knowledge.




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