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wicd-curses is a console program that allows you to connect to wireless wifi networks. I found out about this after chatting on IRC with a few other users on freenode and mentioned I was having issues connecting to wifi from the command line.

This can be installed using apt install wicd-curses. A man page can be viewed with man wicd-curses.


As I am using Debian then the package information can be found here.

The above screenshot is from my desktop which does not have or even need wifi connection. But on my netbook this should show available wifi networks, and allow the one you want to be selected. You will probably need your wifi credentials e.g password etc to connect further.

Another step to seeing if I can actually use a computer directly from the command line without the need for a gui. I need to try and configure alpine to now send e-mail and I may be nearly there. However this isn’t really essential to my needs anyway.

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