Uncovering rape culture

Uncovering rape culture

This is an excellent BBC documentary looking at school rape culture., Uncovering rape culture..

It really does highlight the need for change. If you work in education or are a young person / parent this could open your eyes.

From personal experience working in a secondary school and suffering abuse at the hands of students (circa 2004 – 6) I have empathy with the victims. If you report and get ignored, you are made to feel it is your fault. No wonder, people feel there is no point in making disclosures.

However: If you are a victim SPEAK UP and say something, Schools have a duty of care to help.

While not aimed at school students, [e-learning at work]() do an excellent course on sexual harassment, so you should take this course and be aware of your rights, so when you start work you are empowered to take action, if your employer fails to take action, action can be taken against them.

They also do a course in Anti Bullying (something that victims also face) and being aware of the disciplinary procedures, empowers you to ensure correct procedures are followed.



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