tmate — terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing

tmate is a useful Linux application. Lets say you need some help with fixing a problem. You need to be able to share your terminal with a trusted party, so that person, can help you within a shared terminal.

You can load tmate by :

You are presented with a screen, similar to that shown below. At the bottom, you get a unique a link, which you can give to the other party.


At the bottom you get something like this

[tmate] ssh session: ssh ALw*************

I have added some *** so I am not putting my own system security at risk, but it is essentially a long lost of characters.

This only shows for a while however. You need to copy / paste this link in to an e-mail / irc or whatever your using to send it to a colleague who is going to help, so DO NOT post to a public forum.

You can see what that person is typing, and if any passwords need entering you can do that yourself and the other person can carry on with helping you.

At times this can be a really useful tool to help solve issues.

You are strongly advised to read the man page for this before use.


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Licenced under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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