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LaTeX – Customising the Overleaf / Scismic CV

I made some modification to the Scismic CV template to make it suitable for my needs, however some of these modifications may be useful to others.

Firstly the sectioning on this is excellent, especially if combined with lists

\section{Education: The Open University}
\item Certificate in Contemporary Science, Open University, 2012 

What is also useful is being able to comment out individual entries. This is good if a specific course is not applicable to the post you are applying for. To do this just place a % at the start of the line.

%\item Planets: an introduction, (S196),                                2006

This is fine, but what about whole sections such as a specific job or volunteer entry?

Firstly add this to your preamble

\usepackage{comment} % allow comments

Then add this before and after the section you want to remove


The nice thing about this, is that by commenting these out


The entry is restored.

While not strictly needed you can add clickable urls in to your CV

\usepackage{hyperref} % allow urls in document
} % set up hyperref

Goes in your preamble, while using the following makes a line of text a url which people can click, use sparingly though.


I have also added page numbers, which can be useful.



This is not perfect, but does work.

Hopefully these tips are helpful to people. This template is really flexible and overleaf have quite a few very professional looking templates. [6] along with cover letter templates [7].

I have added a section on jobs and employment to my forum [8].


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