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By default, Scratch projects are set to private. This means that only you can edit them. This feature helps to keep users safe. However the very nature of Scratch is collaborative and you are encouraged to share, but remember to be safe while you are sharing, Ask a grown up first.

To share your new project:

  1. Fill in the name box next to the orange share button.
  2. Click the orange share button.

share scratch projects

Don't worry if you forget to give your project a name, clicking on the share button brings up this screen.

share scratch projects

Adding to a studio

Method 1

From the above screen you will see there is an Add to studio button near the bottom right

Method 2

If you click on your name in the corner, click my stuff you are then taken to this screen, where you can share your project with a studio you are following.

share scratch projects

share scratch projects

You do this by clicking Add to and selecting the studio from the list.

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