Safer Internet Day 2021

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Tuesday 9th Feb 2021

Safer Internet Day 2021

A few resources that have been shared on the Fediverse recently

The Digital Detox website [1] gives some useful information on how to protect your digital security, privacy and well being online.

Email self defense [2] covers encryption and how you can use techniques to both sign and encrypt email.

The Free Software Foundation : India [4] have produced a nice guide on different messaging apps. I made a post on this a while back.

Of course a good way to stay safe and private is to also use the privacy respecting search engines such as duckduckgo [5] and perhaps install browser extensions such as libreJS [6]

Supporting and following what people such the Electronic Frontier Foundation [7] as the Small Technology Foundation [8] and the Solid Project [9] also a good idea, see what is happening and how these project can give the end user, true control of their data.

Choose better software and hardware, that supports user freedom. Devices such as the PineBook / Phone [10] could really put power back in your hands.


1 Data Detox Kit * Five steps to reduce your digital footprint * SmartPhone Data * Privacy Search 2 Email Self Defense 3 Free Software Foundation 4 Free Software Foundation : India 5 Duckduckgo 6 LibreJS 7 Electronic Frontier Foundation * EFF – Mastodon 8 Small Technology Foundation * Aral Balkan * Laura Kalbag 9 Solid Project 10 Pinebook / Phone



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