Safeguarding Children

I have now completed 'Safeguarding children' with e-learning at work. Another really good course, and essential for anyone working with children. I also e-mailed them to give them some feedback on the course content.

I have included links to some of the key statutory documents in this post.

During this course you will hear many facts, figures and details surrounding the risk to children, the types of abuse suffered, how to recognise the signs of abuse and key safeguarding legislations put in place to minimise the abuse of children. Once you are able to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and know the steps you should take if you suspect it you will be better able to protect the children in your care.

The course covers the following modules:

    Introduction to Safeguarding Children
    Types of Abuse, who may carry it out and why children may not tell
    How to Recognise the Signs of Abuse
    What to do if you suspect a child is being
    Safeguarding Legislation

Safeguarding Children




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