Promoting Torbay

I have set up an account on Mastodon ( in order to help promote Torbay in South Devon, UK and what is has to offer.

This is a small project, I am not getting paid to do this, but hopefully, in undertaking this I am able to demonstrate initiative and other useful skills.

I will be adding photos and information / links to local attractions, etc.

Hopefully see if the local Tourist board will look in to getting on the Fediverse more formally, to help promote.

As the UK is in another Covid19 lockdown, to avoid yet another holiday season being written off, The cost to the local economy, if this happens, will be catastrophic. Why not take the time to explore as many ways to promote the local area and business as possible.

One way to get the fediverse to grow is to perhaps have accounts such as this, as it gives people a reason to join as there is something interesting to follow.


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