Physicists suggest that black holes could have an exit to other places in the universe

Interesting article from Meson Stars regarding black holes having possible exits. I have included a paste of my Fediverse comment below. However feel free to discuss on Fediverse or on Science forums.



This does make some sense, I have heard about white holes, which are the opposite of black holes as they allow matter to be ejected in to space.   This seems to tie in with the suggestion in the article that if you could pass through you cannot get back again.  However in relation to this

"Scientists have already said that all matter inside a black hole is destroyed, "

I got the impression matter can't be created or destroyed, it is interchangeable with energy.  In which case, could it be that matter is drawn in to a black hole, somehow converted in to energy then ejected from a white hole? 

So purely on a speculative idea

So how do we find these white holes, perhaps we have already found them as we can detect things like gamma ray bursts or neutrino emissions but can't always explain them,  perhaps these are related to white holes and we are observing the release of energy in to space as these or similar phenomenon




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