New UN report highlights the scale of global climate change

Another article posted on Fediverse about the serious nature of climate change. As individuals there seems only a certain amount we can do, short of living off grid. So the question I asked on Science Forums [2] is “how many more reports are needed?”

In terms of recycling:

There seems to be a lot of initiatives out there but some local authorities in the UK seem unable to recycle some materials, I think the situation is improving.

There are some good ideas, such as turning face masks in to litter pickers [3] but this is in Cornwall, UK, I have not heard anything about this idea being rolled out nationally, but if it was, would that ideally need to be on a local level so the collection —> end product happens locally reducing the need for transporting materials and end products around?

1 Climate news now – Fediverse 2 Science Forum discussion 3 Hospital face masks find new life stopping plastic waste



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