Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

I decided to write this article after reading the Free Software Journey article. This is part of the wider FSF Freedom Ladder

This article cites several projects that address Mobile phone freedom. There are different hardware options here, from dedicated phones running a FreeOS or ways to flash / install an existing phone with a new freedom respecting OS (sorry if the terminology is wrong here).

Android Based


As you can see from the above list there are quite a few options, some are forks of Android, so I assume that Free Software repositories such as F-droid works and can provide a good range of Apps for users. See below as I am trying to find out about this.

However my area of concern is things like the Mastodon Apps It seems the only Freedom respecting app for Mastodon is Tooter, which is available for another OS called SailfishOS, so yet another option, so we have a really good, powerful social media replacement, but it seems rather limited connectivity from mobile devices, (unless you are running IOS or Android).

I don't feel this is very helpful. Sailfish, to its credit does have what looks like a very good section on development. I feel that for these alternatives to really take off, the apps need to be there, and not just in the hands of developers, but end users such as myself. I am not interested in using mainstream social media.

Also we need to make it clear if an app works on other systems that are derived from Android for example. (see below)

So we need several things

  1. More developers for the actual operating systems
    • Help for people wanting to start with development
  2. More development for the hardware
    • Again help for those who want to get involved
  3. Testers, and help for testers
  4. End users to actually use the system
    • Provide a very easy way for non technical people to report problems
    • Community need to LISTEN to concerns, reports and take action
  5. Ensure ALL these apps are available on ALL the different mobile OSs or as many as possible.
    • This will need developers, testers and users being able to come together.


Free Software and Hardware

Working on some ideas

I have created a thread here on Fediverse Town to try and ask for some information on which apps work on which mobile operating systems, so Android and importantly Android derived Operating systems.

I have also split the OS list up, so that the OS's derived from Android are clearly identified.

I am not making the assumption they just work or that they are in F-droid.


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