Minetest – Minecraft clone

*An open source voxel game engine. Play one of our many games, mod a game to your liking, make your own game, or play on a multiplayer server.

This could be a great way to start programming and collaborating with others, could be something that can be discussed at the Paignton Library STEM group (see links below).

We do have two Raspberry Pi's, which we could install Minetest, Lua along with other related software. We just need people with the right expertise to help, either in person or virtually.

If you do come to the STEM group with the view to doing this then you will need to bring your own Laptop, Raspberry Pi or other device with you. We don't have Minetest installed on the computers at the library.

Image from website (Embed).

Minetest Screenshot

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Learning and Modding

First step with this is probably going to be learning to program in Lua. The following may provide some useful links for this.

Developer Links




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