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Over the past few months, the social network Mastodon, has seen a big increase in the number of new users joining.

Mostly people from networks Twitter, unhappy, mostly with censorship. In late 2019 there was a big migration from users in India.

Unlike with current mainstream (or should we just say old fashioned) social media. Mastodon is decentralised, so what does this mean?

In essence, there is no central control, just a development model. Mastodon is a network made up on independently owned server instances. These can all communicate with each other, thanks to a protocol called Activity Pub.

Mastodon, forms part of what is called the Fediverse. This numerous other social media instances such as Friendica ( which I am on), that also communicate with each other. The clever part is that the different social networks can communicate with each other.

With the Fediverse, privacy is important, you won't find:

The fediverse, is what the community make it. Users post content, others, who find it interesting will comment, and contribute to the conversation.

During the UK general election campaign, the mainstream news media was taken over by election news. Social media played a big part in campaigning as politicians tried to convince the electorate they were the people to vote for.

Politics has not caught up yet. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

You can find topics of interest by searching for tags, which accompany posts.

If you think it is time to #DeleteFacebook or #DeleteTwitter then feel free to come over to a better way of doing things. There are alternatives to other services too, such as Google, Youtube, Instagram. All these alternatives federated so content can be shared on the Fediverse too.


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