Informational Interviews

So I recently attended the Scismic webinar on Informational Interviews. This follows on from the 'A summary of you' webinar from 7th May.

The webinar included an explanation on what an informational interview is, the purpose. preparation and how to go about setting on up. The difference between this and a formal interview process and the fact these interviews are about finding out about roles and not about asking for a job.

Some excellent tips were on the sort of questions to ask, the type of questions can be put in to four categories.

A really good webinar. I am adapting my notes as I am not looking at working in Biotech, nevertheless the idea of the informational interview could be really useful going forward.

If you are looking for a job in Biotech I would recommend reaching out to Erin at Scismic and seeing how they can help.


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