How to Find and Apply to Industry Roles

So I recently attended the Scismic [1] webinar on How to Find and Apply to Industry Roles This follows on from last months webinar.

Some really useful tips here on what to look for, how to match skills to roles, how to emphasise your skills / experience / expertise to the job description. Different skills and types of roles between academic and industry experience and how you add these to your CV to gain the attention of the Hiring manager.

A really good webinar. I am adapting my notes as I am not looking at working in Biotech, nevertheless the idea of the informational interview could be really useful going forward.

If you are looking for a job in Biotech. I would recommend reaching out to Erin at Scismic and seeing how they can help. They are a job matching service, so they can take your skills etc and match to possible vacancies.


1 Scismic


I can now download the video of the webinar, so will add to the videos of the previous two webinars.


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