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I am creating this post to try and bring together some information on how to get involved with the FreeBSD project. I am not a developer in this project. This information may simply be useful as it points to various related resources.

It would be really good to get a Devon based developer / tester community set up, where people can work together, learn essential computer skills, have fun, be social but at the same time develop some real world developer / work skills that can be useful later on.

Being part of any developer community can also open up doors. Learning c / c++ for example is useful, but as would learning shell scripting.


1 FeeeBSD Project 2 About FreeBSD 3 FreeBSD Developer Handbook 4 FreeBSD Twitter 5 Default Shell 6 tcsh tutorial 7 sh tutorial 8 9 Developer roadmap 10 CodeCademy 11 Freshports

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