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So further to my Previous post. There is now a list of schools where, abuse has taken place. At least 3 in Torbay, 2 Secondary and 1 Primary school.

The list can be found on the Website

The abuse culture needs to end now, without people making up excuses.

I still feel that we need further investigations in to other forms of abuse in schools.

This should include (not a full list):-

This is seems to be prevalent. There is a culture of failing to deal with it in any effective manner. It also seems schools want to protect the abusers in some way.

If you are a victim of abuse. I would strongly recommend you undertake a course in equality and diversity, that way you know the law, can quote the law to the school. The school, can't then make some excuse for letting it carry on.

Ideally investigations should happen ASAP, led by someone, competent, who can compel people to cooperate, be judge led, so that all evidence is provided under oath. Protection needed for victims, who should not keep needing to retell their versions of events.


For physical abuse, please consult other legislation.

I am making these posts because:-

Key points:-

So why is it happening? In 2021



If this abuse didn't happen in schools, then posts such as this would not be needed.


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