Everyone's Invited 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the Everyone's invited website and the collating of stories of abuse in schools. I am just updating this by linking to a BBC article on the investigation and some concerns about the investigation.

I just hope this investigation is carried out properly, it does appear child on child abuse seems to be common, for example physical assault (usually called the non crime of physical bullying) is covered up with excuses.

This investigation HAS to be swift, robust and leave no stone unturned. It has to leave victims with confidence their stories / experiences they have disclosed / shared have been taken seriously and action has been taken.


Big worry here is, child on child sexual abuse/assault/rape/harassment The offender is not punished or reported. Therefore nothing is recorded and nothing will show up on a future DBS check. Sex offender is then free to potentially work with children.

"We also asked about wider issues, from lessons in the classroom to culture in the corridors, to find out what barriers may prevent young people from reporting abuse in the first place. 

Try dealing with the abuse effectively, duh.

Safeguarding courses state that a disclosure is ONE CHANCE to help a child / victim. If you get it wrong, the child loses trust and won't disclose further abuse.

I share the concern here too

"The Department for Education wants an inquiry that it can control, so it overuses Ofsted for a whole manner of inquiries because it has a close relationship with Ofsted and can control the results of that inquiry and the recommendations," she said. 

Almost like asking a police force to investigate itself. Which is why we have the IPCC who can investigate properly and independently, Same for the CQC it is independent for health and social care.

We need proper investigations that MANDATE cooperation.

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