Covid update 29/4/2021

Between 8th December and 18th April; 671,070 people have been vaccinated in Devon. The local programme has also delivered over 210,000 second doses. 1 in 5 adults in Devon are fully vaccinated now.

We are now entering phase 2 – covering people aged 18-49. People will be contacted by the National Booking Service when their age group appointment opens up – by text and letter and offered a local appointment. Some GP practices will also contact patients to offer appointments.

Misinformation is still around about vaccines and so we have included links to some films to support your understanding and to share. It’s worth reminding ourselves that vaccines aren’t the whole answer, they are just a really big and important part of it. Our behavior, such as washing hands, using face coverings and keeping some space are still essential.

Not everyone can take a vaccine, which is why even if you think you are not at ‘high risk’, having a vaccine protects other people in our community who might be relying on you to keep them safe. We don’t always know when someone has a medical condition which means they can’t take vaccines, you can’t tell by looking. Let’s keep everyone safe and well.




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