Code Club 20/8/2022 Write up

So we had another quiet session today, with 4 young people, plus a parent, nevertheless it was productive. Time was initially split between looking for an iphone cable (could not find one), and also troubleshooting a Raspberry Pi, which seemed more successful.

There was also a discussion on e-safety, in terms of posting online and how this can have consequences later on, employers can do searches on applicants for example and also what to post, also a brief discussion on asking for evidence and finding proper, credible information on the internet, I did give peer review a brief mentiobn

It seems really beneficial to have conversations.

This has prompted me to dig out a few resources I have here at home. These are set to one side for the next session. I have also asked the library if they can send off for some copies of the Vodafone digital parenting resource.

We also have access to a tablet with the Lego WeDo software installed so if anyone is interested they can have a go at code club without having to bring along own devices. However attendees can, it really helps as you can store projects on your own device.



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Next session

Please contact Paignton Library for details and booking.

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