Code Club 20/5/2023 Write up

Today we carried on with with the Python activities that we started last week. Attendees are mostly undertaking the same path just different activities within that.

Useful Links

If you also sign up to the Raspberry Pi foundation, you can track progress and collect badges. This is optional, as this presents more ways for data to be collected.

This is one of the projects that we built today – Target Practice *

We also looked at a Raspberry Pi Pico and had a quick look at how Chat GPT can be used to generate code. It did seem however that it produces example code from using the older gpio libraries, rather than the newer GPIO Zero library.

But it did produce the code required, regardless of library being used.

Something to look at next time, so the plan is to experiment more with this. This raspberry Pi also uses Micro Python

There is no Code Club on Saturday 3rd June, so the next event will be the STEM Group on 10th June.


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