Code Club 18/6/2022 Write Up

Next code club is :- Saturday 2nd July 10am to 12:00 Paignton Library & Information Centre

So a busy session today. Before the session started, I set up a drinks station with a jug of water, bottle of juice along with some paper cups.

Today, attendees worked on Scratch, HTML / CSS, I also had two attendees complete Hour of code. I also helped an attendee with their laptop, in so far as connecting to a monitor as their laptop screen is not working. They left with an HDMI cable so they could at least use it at home connected to a TV or monitor.

I think hour of code is a really good icebreaker for sessions, esp as the theming for Minecraft, Starwars and Frozen should appeal to a wide range of users.

Lucy also dropped in with a notebook and a large lever arch file for the STEM group resources.

During the session the four netbooks were also charged. These will be used to help teach the GNU / Linux command shell and Shell scripting to who ever is interested, however this also links in with wider projects to help people who want to self host.

So some really good work today, people are already booked in for the next session. I am still working on getting the lego Mindstorms working.



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Please contact Paignton Library for details and booking.

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