Advocacy – The barriers to effective promotion

I have just tried to follow some links at the following site

If I click 2020 and follow the link to then I get a page that gives me the date for 2018 (so kinda out of date)


The link for hardware freedom day goes to so it seems some of the links just go back on themselves. Not really helpful.

On the tab for 2020 there is no direct link to software freedom day.

I am happy to promote all this, but unless people can find what they expect they will just stick to what they are using now and go away with a really negative idea of what this is about.

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Stickers like this and another one are great for advocacy, but useless if they link to outdated information.

I just find it very frustrating, and people will point out to us that they don't get this with Microsoft.

This is what we are up against. I feel that we just need to be far more effective, update information and ensure it is kept up to date.


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