Participatory data stewardship

Participatory data stewardship : A framework for involving people in the use of data orignail text

如何”捲動”資料數據的各方人員(尤其是”所有權人” owner)積極地參與數據資料的處理使用傳播 等過程,也就是本報告希望提出一套建議的參與式管理框架

在本文中出現的 “beneficiary” 一辭有點近似於”stakeholders”,但是更突顯出受益(正向影響)於數據的關係(或曰暗指數據能對社會/個人/群體帶來”好處”而受惠) > In other words, we use the term ‘beneficiary’ to encompass anyone who might be affected by the use of data beyond simply the data subjects – those who have the potential to benefit from participatory data stewardship – and this helps to move beyond a compliance-based approach to a model that is underpinned by social license.


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