What do we get from crude oil?

This is a repost with more information, links and a correction due to a 404 on a link.

The news that the UK is going to issue more licences for crude oil exploration, promoted a discussion on the Fediverse. From this, I asked what other products come from crude oil.

However, this link seems to give a 404, so I found an alternative here, along with a more detailed list of the chemical products here.

So in an attempt to research this further, I have so far found this infographic and article. I will embed the actual infographic below.

Crude oil, but please ensure credit goes to Oil Field Team.

So from this there are a huge number of products, that we need to either:-

If we are going to give up on oil completely.

So from this I will look at a few of these, and give my perspective

Lubricating oils these are needed to keep machines running, even electric cars have moving parts. These products can also be specialist so may not be easily replaceable.

Asphalt used for road surfaces, again even Hydrogen / Electric cars need a road surface for getting around on.

Nylon used in clothing, but also used for ropes etc, it is strong, and has many uses.

Teflon used for non-stick surfaces, IIRC this was developed as part of the space industry.

Kerosene used in some rocket fuels, while we are developing alternative power for rockets (e.g. nuclear) this may be some years away, and it may depend on where we are going, being a indication of what type of fuel we need.

Sunscreen, Essential to protect our skin.

Aspirin Common medication.

Thermoplastics, Again a common type of plastic with a specific uses where resistance to high temperatures are needed.

So it may not be THAT easy to completely stop our reliance. We will need to spend a lot of money on R&D to fully develop alternatives using other means. We can get some plastics from plants, but again it seems to depend on type and usage.

However, we can stop our reliance on oil for car fuels, however are electric cars suitable for emergency services, or military use? By military, we need to remember that we deploy soldiers to help in disaster recovery, not just wars or peacekeeping.

So this needs far more rational discussion.



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