STEM Group 13th April 2024 Write Up

We had a quiet session today so we were busy getting two computers installed with Windows 8, and another dual booting Windows XP and Windows 8. This went really well, after installing the OS we installed some applications that we want to use during sessions.

stem 1 stem 2

We spent the latter ½ of the event trying to sort out Wi-Fi as one of the computers lost connection, we ended in the IT suits, using the e-machines as a Wi-Fi hotspot (bridge to library Wi-Fi) so the Lenovo could connect properly.

We really DO need a reliable solution for this.

The next Stem group event will take place on :

Date: Saturday, April 27th 2024 Time: 10:30am to 15:00 Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre Room: 13 & IT Learning Centre

What is planned?

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