Scratch Spiral Project

So in this activity, we are going to try and produce a spiral using Scratch code. This is similar to what Spirograph [TM] produces.

It should look something like this when complete.


Open up Scratch 3 in a browser and create a new project.

  1. Start off with the when Green Flag is clicked block

Green Flag

  1. Set the Sprite to the centre of the stage

Set To Centre

  1. Add a block to erase anything drawn on the stage from previous projects, then put Pen Down.

Erase and Pen Down

  1. Now add the Main Loop blocks as follows

Main Loop

  1. Your final code should look like this

Final Code

When run, you should see it draw circles on the screen, move and re-draw, eventually building up a layer on layer spiral pattern with circles.

The method here for drawing circles could be used in other projects too.