Nethack vultures eye 1

For some time I have been trying to find a port for the 3d isometric version of Nethack, called Nethack-Vultures-eye.

I was playing Falcons-eye a few years ago, this was maintained for a few years, development was then picked up by another maintainer and falcons-eye became vultures eye. The game is now on Steam.

I tried again yesterday ( 20/2/2020 ) and failed, I decided to have a look if the game works on FreeBSD.

According to Freshports it does seem to be supported, and from the page is still being maintained.

As of 21:12 on 20/2/2020 I am downloading the FreeBSD iso file and burning this to DVD-R.

Getting help

I decided to join #freebsd on, as I would probably need to be there to ask for help. this is new grounds having spent over 20 years running GNU/Linux.